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If you could only attend for two days, which days would you pick?

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  • If you could only attend for two days, which days would you pick?

    Like the title ask, if you could only attend the meet for a couple of days which ones would you pick? I'm not going to be able to get away from work for all week, and not going to have my truck running in time to take it so I'm planning on just going for a couple of days. My main intrest are going to see the cars and the swap meet.
    TDITS The Dude In The Stude

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    Most bang for your buck, would be Thursday starting at 8am, till 5 pm, all judging and display cars will be there for you to see.
    Swap Meet goes on each day. Early bird gets the worm, but theres still plenty of parts to look at by Saturday.

    As to the next day, well, tack on either Wed, or Friday.

    I, like yourself had only a couple day's to attend meets in the past, usually went Wed, Thur. and had a great time, and was able to meet up with several people in that amount of time. 3 day's available this year, what to do, what to do,

    Bring your camera and have fun.
    61 Lark



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      Thursday would be the best day to come. Swap meet and concourse will be in full swing.


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        If you can only attend for two days plan Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday most vendors will still be set up. Thursday is a very slow day in the swap meet so vendors start to pack up so they can attend the concourse on Thursday. On Friday trailer queens are back inside their trailers, local show cars are back home in the garage. People are getting ready to go home. Saturday is ghost town day. Most people leave for home Saturday Morning.