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Lost 55 Speedster (Re-Post)

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  • Lost 55 Speedster (Re-Post)

    Lost speedster (Re-Post)
    I would like to post this again for those that may have missed it when last posted in August.

    I am trying to locate a 1955 Studebaker Speedster that was once in my
    family. My grandfather bought it in 1957 from the original owner here in Ohio. It was in our family until the early 1980's. My brother moved to Sacramento and had the car shipped to him. His intention was to restore it. When after replacing many parts, he got tired of working on it and didn't want to put the time or efforts into a total restoration and he traded it to someone for a 1965 Mustang. The rest of us in the family were really bummed out about this. It was in very good shape, aside for underside rust from sitting in a damp garage. Beautiful green and yellow color scheme.
    I am trying to locate this car to see if I might possibly buy it from the current owner.
    Here are the identification numbers I have: VIN: 7162908 Body: 6H-K71134 Engine: P-14064. I looked in the only Studebaker registry I could find but, only found it's close sibling, 1135. A national search of all the BMV's would be really the best, but obviously not practical.
    Thanks much for any ideas you might share with me to locate it. PH: 330-720-3458

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