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Studebaker 62 Canadian GT Hawks for parts

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  • Studebaker 62 Canadian GT Hawks for parts

    About a month ago; on way from NJ to ND in our recently acquired 63 GT; we found (3) Canadian 62 GT Hawks in Very rough & rusty but VERY complete condition. They are in Catham, Ontario, Canada - about 60 miles East of Detroit MI. I asked if anyone would be interested in salvaging these for parts on the forum; & requested that if anyone DID pick them up to let me know; as it's so far from there to ND that cost is prohibitive for the parts. I had 3 different parties express interest in the cars; but NONE of them have told me if they got them or not. I suppose I can call the owner in Canada & see if they are still there; but a simple email was all I asked.
    I have NO financial interest in these cars; just don't want them to go to crusher - as that's where they are headed, the guy doesn't have room to store for very long. The guy was asking $200 apiece for them; & he needs a front clip for a 55 Coupe. Also has a 57 Hawk body / parts for sale.
    Please, if someone wants to get these cars I have the info; but PLEASE let me know if you get them or not!! Thanks, Dan Caswell in ND

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    What is the contact information...I will call him this week.

    Bill Foy
    1000 Islands, Ontario
    1953 Starlight Coupe


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      62 GT Hawk parts cars in Canada

      Originally posted by Captain Billy View Post
      What is the contact information...I will call him this week.

      Please send all inquirys to my email address @ I do not have any financial interest in these; but if no one else wants all these parts I need to know so I can try & figure out a way to get them to ND. Again, I don't really need the parts & the cost to move the 3 cars some 1,000 miles will be very high; so would prefer if someone closer to them could save them. That is my ONLY interest in these cars. Dan Caswell, ND.
      Please reply to the above email address; as I never get around to checking these messages.
      Also one of our Stude members is having an auction on some (or all?) of his Stude stuff in ND; see the last TW.