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Chrome Rocker and Valley Covers?

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  • Chrome Rocker and Valley Covers?

    Have any of you fellows had these V8 pieces plated in the recent past, and can recommend a shop that will do a set I provide that are used and been thoroughly cleaned? I'd like to get an appoximate idea what it costs without boxing them up and paying the freight both ways for a bid(StudeFrugal of Me!). Thanks.

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    I have had all the chrome on my engine done by our own Jerry Forrester down in Gawgahh and just got back a previously poorly plated set of valve covers- a valley cover- and a draft tube
    All look great as Jerrys stuff usually does
    And the price is fair
    I wont say his price- butIf ya give him a hollar- I'm sure you will be pleased in both price and quality

    I just appreciate that hes good at it and when I had one minor piece chip on me-- Jerry insisted on redoing it

    And no-Jerry wubs me-- but I don't get a kick back

    course- if old Jerr is so inclined- i wont refuse one lol


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      Go to Jerry for good prices and great looking work! He did my valve covers for $150/pr.

      Tim K.
      '64 R2 GT Hawk
      Tim K.
      \'64 R2 GT Hawk