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I didn't know that...

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  • I didn't know that...

    While reading the new issue of Road & Track, I noticed an ad for Armour All with the slogan "The Racers Edge", which of course used to be STP's slogan.

    A quick look at the fine print shows "Armour All/STP" corp.

    I didn't know that.
    Is this new or is it just me that hasn't paid any attention to it until I bought a Studebaker?

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    I did'nt know that STP stands for Studebaker Tested Product till I logged into this forum.

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    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
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      It dosen't.
      It stands for"scientifically tested product.


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        My recollection is "Scientifically Treated Petroleum".
        Skip Lackie


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          The S in STP, AFAIK, never stood for Studebaker. IIRC, STP did have different meanings at different periods. I believe that both Skip and Transtar56 are correct, with Skip's answer being the earlier meaning. I believe that STP was originally a German company. I am only going on memory. I guess that someone could look all of this up if they are interested.

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            Stop That Piston

            Frank Starr


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              Ya, vell it schtands for: Superische Thickkellagg Petrozellageum! It vass designed to use in der Schtuetebakker enginess after dey surpassed da 300,000 kilometer Mark. Ya?[]


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                They have a website - for those interested.