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Studebaker stamp plaque

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  • Studebaker stamp plaque

    So there I am, in the local Post Office, awaiting my turn with one of the folks at the counter. I was there to send off some Stude parts I'd sold on ebay and off ebay. As I waited in line, I spied a plaque hanging on the back wall along with examples of boxes and wrapping tape and such. Of course, the reason I noticed the plaque was because it sported a nicely done rendition of a 53 Starliner on a mountain road! Yah boy! I like that!
    Of course, I'm sure most of you know that there's a new set of first class stamps about to be launched that feature 5 sporty american cars of the 50s. One of them is our own beloved Starliner. And even tho the stamps have yet to be released (June or August I think), there was this blowup of the artwork, ready to be hung on my office wall! Cost me $24.95 to own it, but WHO cares. Studebaker - getting official recognition in this day and age. Wow!
    I was tickled with my find and as I walked back to my Transtar, I started to read the history of the car. GAK! Man, whoever dreamed this crap up HAD to be doing drugs when he fantasized about the 53 Starliner's conception!
    It starts out: "In 1953, legendary designer and entrepreneur, well regarded as the "Father of Industrial Design" Raymond Loewy, BEGAN DSEIGNING THE FIRST POSTWAR STUDEBAKER, Loewy decided that current cars were too bulky, too laden with chromium "Spinach and schmalz" and had too many blind spots. What he wanted was slimness, grace and better visibility. To his staff he mapped the grand strategy: Weight is the enemy... Whatever saves weight saves cost. The car must look fast, whether in motion or stationary. I want it to look as if it were leaping forward; I want built-in motion .... If it looks stoppedit is a dead pigeon ...I want one that looks like a leaping greyhound."

    I'm not gonna type the rest here. It's equally as whimsical as the first paragraph. Poor Bob Bourke[V] But hey - I DO like this neat plaque. Bob? If you're a-listenin' up there somewhere - that's one sharp car.

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    Leave it to the post office to come up with schmaltz like that.

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