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searching for lost car..Rochester,N.Y.(53 coupe)

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  • searching for lost car..Rochester,N.Y.(53 coupe)

    I am searching for my fathers 1953 coupe. It has 1964 Hawk dash...S.W. gauges, interior, and engine and trans. This car was left behind in a garage during a move from LaForce Street, Rochester New York. The move took place between 1970 and 1974 I think.
    Feel free to mail me at for any way to reach out and get some leads. This car must have been a cool find for someone. My father would love to get his hands on a 53 coupe. Thanks to all who responed.

    I am in search of my fathers lost 53 coupe with 64 hawk interior,stewert gauges/dash,engine and tran. Left in garage on La Force St. Rochester N.Y. around 1972 or 73.I am in need of some leads....thanks

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    1953 cars in New York State were originally registered (titled) with the engine number. Many were changed over to the VIN/serial number later or when the engine was changed. If you have the original engine and serial numbers, or know what number the car was last registered with, you may be able to search NY DMV to find out who last registered the car. For pre-1973 in NYS, there is no car title. The registration serves as the ownership document. You could also go through the SDC Roster for 1953 coupes, particularly in NY, and hope to get lucky. I imagine that a high percentage of 1953 C/K models that are still in existance are in the hands of SDC members. You might try running an ad in Turning Wheels searching for the car. I hope that you get lucky. I recently found a '53 that I used to own and lost track of for 25 years.
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