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Turn signals on pre-turn signal cars

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  • Turn signals on pre-turn signal cars

    I have a car that has an after market turn signal set with separate small turn signal lights mounted on the bumpers. I want to wire the turn signals into the parking lights in front and the combmination parking light and brake light on the rear. This way I can remove the add-on lights. There is not sufficient room to add another socket in the rear tail light /brake light housing, so I hoped I might be able to wire it so the brake light is interupted for the turn signal only on the side that was flashing to leave the other brake light on. Does this require any separate tyype flasher than the normal "add on" turn signal set? Any guidance or wiring diagram that anyone has would be great!

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    The turn signal system used in post war cars (that came with them originally) included wiring for the brake lights.

    If you could incorporate a switch with that capability perhaps you could work it out, a different flasher won't help.

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      All 1947 to 1954 Studebaker cars have SOME of the provisions for the optional turn signals built in, like the dash Indicator lights. You just change from single contact parking light sockets to dual contact.

      But it is the turn signal switch that controls if the brake lights are both on for Brake lights, or one flashing and one on for both turn and stop.

      If the vehicle is a non-Stude. most did not have provisions built in.

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        I just did some research on this subject for a fellow with a pre-war Stude. Here's a couple interesting sites I found..........