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    It may have been a random act meant for you and the other dealer if he is honest. If you don't find the owner, you can pass it on to a good cause, or someone who needs it for Stude related reasons.
    I once helped an elderly lady while waiting at a bus stop in Seattle.
    She talked about having her grandchildren come visit for the weekend and how she didn't know how she was going to buy groceries for them when she didn't have enough money to feed her pet cat.
    Just as the bus was arriving, she pulled her small purse open and fumbled, dropping coins and about $4 on the sidewalk.
    I was single then, going on a hot date that night, but was wondering how I could help her.
    When I helped picked up her money, I added about $80 into her purse and figure it was a better date for my day (with a wonderful lady).
    Some people never know the rewards for doing something for others who are honest.If you are making out a Will for children, just test their greed and find out who deserves the most.


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