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  • Identify starter solenoids

    I need some help. I am selling donated parts with proceeds going to the SNM. These solenoids were donated and I am not sure of application. I need to identify them in order to sell them. Can you help. I have two FILCO SW-96 solenoids. They are black plastic with one energizing terminal and marked 6V. I have one Prestolite 15-157 / SAW-4602. It is a metal can also marked as 6V. 191939 is written on the box for 10G - 15G but I want to be sure. I have one Niehoff AL-142. There are no markings on it but it looks like the Prestolite unit. If any of you have old catalogs please look these up for me. See the attached photo.
    So far the museum has received $2800 for these efforts.

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    james r pepper

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    Sorry the pictures are upside down. I don't know how to turn them on here.
    james r pepper


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      They all appear to be 6 Volt with only One small terminal for Start Only. Not sure on these, but Most are a grounding type of Start Circuit Not Power (-) Negative on Positive Ground Cars.

      Curved Mounting Bracket Solenoids fit Six Cylinder Cars, and Mount on the Starter.
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        The only way to turn them over is to save the photo to your photo file then recall it up then turn it.


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          Jim, thanks for your efforts for the Museum

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            Click image for larger version

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              The Filco is listed as "50-55 A/L starter", meaning Champion. The Presto is listed as 51-52 Henry J (surprise!) but probably works for the Studebaker number written on the box. The Niehoff I haven't identified yet. Thought I had a Niehoff book but I guess not, and I haven't found that numbering system shared by anyone else yet. It looks like Stude #530039.
              So.....if I'm 'pre-approved' why do you want me to fill out an application?


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                I really can't see all of their brackets well enough in that Pic to sort them out, but:

                Flat Bracket = '51-'54 Commander V8 with Ground Trigger ( + ), OR '55 Comm. Pres. V8 536124 with "Hot" Start ( -).

                Curved Bracket = Champion 6 W/Autolite.

                191939 covers quite a Lot More more than just 10G to 15G, '51-'55 Champion; it also Fits '47 to '50 Champion & Commander.
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                  Neihoff 142 fits 46-55 Dodge, Plymouth.
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                    Thanks guys. This helps a lot. I found a Neihoff catalog on eBay. It arrives this coming week. Filko catalogs are harder to find. I'll have to watch swap meets when they happen again. The only old ignition part catalog I have is NAPA.
                    james r pepper