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Paint OJAI Green 1950 Champion 4 Door

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  • Paint OJAI Green 1950 Champion 4 Door

    I got my Production order from the Studebaker Museum and found out my car was OJAI Green. Also discovered it was only a paint option in the Las Angeles Factory. It doesn't show up on any paint chip charts for Studebaker that I have seen. Would anyone have a picture of this color so I can get a reference to restore my car to something close. Thanks in Advance.

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    Here's a similar search effort from the Forum back in 2007 - also unable to give firm data:


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      That's what I saw then unfortunately someone stated talking about jackrabbits or something 🙄. Thank you trying, I appreciate it .


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        Ojai is a City in Ventura County, Calif.

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          You have a few options here as I see it.

          1. Has the car been completely resprayed? I am talking trunk, trunk lid, door jams, under the hood and firewall and fenders?

          2. It may be possible with a very light grit sandpaper to go to the areas mentioned about and do very very light sanding until you get to the layer that has the original color.

          3. has a chart for Studebaker. Click on that and go to green and you can see all the green colors Studebaker used from 1936 to 1966. If you cannot find the color or chip, choose on of those. Azore green might be very close to what you need but I cannot be sure.

          Hope this helps and best of luck.

          Bob Miles


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            Here's a sample just to give you an idea of the color. Reproduced color chips are not a reliable guide for color matching. Click on photo to enlarge.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	color.chips.1950-54.jpg
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              Thank's Dwain. I find the color quite attractive, it makes me wonder why it was used exclusively on LA produced cars, but then I'm not a green hater either. Maybe a fleet color for a West Coast customer?



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                Hallabutt definitely a West Coast color. The clue is the name of the city it's named after. Ojai is a mountain community tucked pretty far back. Only West Coasters would know what the name meant.

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                  I recognized the name right away-beautiful place decades ago. Fire came close last year, don't remember hearing the outcome.