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1958 Golden Hawks, Packard Hawks, body parts

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  • 1958 Golden Hawks, Packard Hawks, body parts

    I haven't posted here too often. But I'm stuck at home like most of us, and I'm thinking of cars I'd like to own.

    Considering the 1958 Golden Hawk and the 1958 Packard Hawk, these cars are sort of twins - fraternal in some areas, and identical in others. I put together a list of which body parts are common, and which are different. I don't have the parts books. This list is compiled by looking at the outward appearance of the bodies.

    Some of the obvious parts that are different between these two cars (GH = 58H-K7, PH = 58L-K9):
    --front bumper
    --bumper guards (vertical bars on GH; "dagmars" on PH)
    --front air deflector (PH-only "catfish mouth")
    --air deflector emblem (PH, hawk in circle)
    --grille emblem (GH, round emblem at lower end of grille)
    --hood scoop (fiberglass panel on GH; trim piece on PH)
    --headlight bezels (chrome on GH; body-colored on PH)
    --wheel covers
    --door-mounted mirror(s)
    --outside arm rests (PH only)
    --mylar fin applique (PH only)
    --metal trim in fin cove ("Packard" script + hawk emblem on PH; 4 ribs on GH)
    --trunk lid (is the PH trunk lid made from a 1953 C/K trunk lid?)
    --trunk lid trim (GH script on right rear lid; faux spare tire with Packard hex, and Packard script, on PH)

    Same among GH, PH
    --turn signal lamps (fender-mounted)
    --front and rear fender wheel opening moldings
    --spear trim on fenders and doors
    --windshield glass
    --windshield molding
    --door structure and outer sheet metal
    --door windows
    --quarter windows
    --A pillar molding, molding along the hardtop roofline, and C pillar molding.
    --rear fender fins
    --rear fender moldings
    --rear window
    --tail light housings (were they body color on both the GH and PH?)
    --rear bumper

    Somewhere I think I read the fenders were sort of shared between the two cars - the PH fenders *could* be made from the Studebaker C/K fenders. Or perhaps, PH fenders *were* made from Golden/Silver Hawk fenders? I found no mention of this in the 1958 supplement.

    How does this list look? Did I miss much?
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    Yes the Packard Hawk fenders were modified 1953-1962 Hawk fenders.
    The 1963/64 Hawk fenders were slightly different.
    There was a grove above the headlights to fit the fiberglass hood and there was a rectangular piece on the side .
    I stripped out a Packard Hawk and just cut off the front of the fenders to have a pattern.
    I have two Packard Hawks for sale and between the two were are enough parts to restore one and have a lot of parts left over.
    I have a similar pair of 1957 Golden Hawks for sale.


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      I will try to point out the differences
      Fender lights have gold fins on the Packard Hawk and chrome on the other 1958 Hawks otherwise they are the same
      Front wheel well moulding on the PH were longer.
      Packard Hawks had a shorter moulding on top of the door to accommodate the vinyl outside armrests.
      Tail lite housings and fin caps were all chrome vs. partially painted on the Golden Hawks.
      The narrow moulding between the fin and body were shorter.
      The trunk lid was a modified 1954-55 C/K lid.
      The 1953 trunk lid had a different inside pan.