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Classic Motorsports Avanti article.

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  • Classic Motorsports Avanti article.

    Studebaker Avanti: The World's Fastest Production Car | Articles | Classic Motorsports


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    Good article. Well written. I did not learn a whole lot of new information but enjoyed reading the writer's take on the car and it's short history.
    Thanks for sharing this, Bill.
    Ed Sallia
    Dundee, OR

    Sol Lucet Omnibus


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      I owned an Avanti from 1971 through 1990 and I miss it dearly. While it was only an R-1 with four speed and no power steering, I did unintentionally in the 125 mph range with the clock steadily climbing before I realized that it was a lot faster than I ever intended to drive it.

      That car was like an airplane in that once you were in the driver's seat, you became part of the machine.

      I miss it sorely...


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        Makes me have second thoughts about having sold mine.
        Don Wilson, Centralia, WA

        40 Champion 4 door*
        50 Champion 2 door*
        53 Commander K Auto*
        53 Commander K overdrive*
        55 President Speedster
        62 GT 4Speed*
        63 Avanti R1*
        64 Champ 1/2 ton

        * Formerly owned