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Great Story about Virgil Exner's work with R. Loewy and Studebaker

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  • Great Story about Virgil Exner's work with R. Loewy and Studebaker

    This is such a Good Story posted on the Internet by the New York Times, that I could not resist posting a link to it to share with everyone some neat History.
    We always knew about the disagreements between Designer Virgil Exner and Raymond Loewy, but never knew WHY, this makes several things about Exner's long Design History and time with Studebaker much clearer.

    I thought it was very interesting how Roy Cole Studebaker Engineering VP helped Exner get the Styling job at Chrysler but failed at Ford.

    Also that Virgil designed the '37 & '38 Pontiac for GM.
    Virgil M. Exner’s influence on auto design went far beyond towering tail fins.
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    Those interviews mentioned near the bottom of the article are the ones here: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub....igners-on-line




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      There are drawings of the five passenger "Starlight" coupe made by Bourke as far back as 1941. When Exner later became Bourke's boss, he took credit for all of the work. This is commonly done in business. Like Loewy's name is associated with much that he did not have much to do with. Note that it was 1949 before Exner claimed/patented the Starlight, that was on retail sale in 1946.
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