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it never fails....

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  • it never fails....

    The funny thing about selling(or not selling) a car is that when you have an offer to buy yours comes up, and you agree on the price(because you found another one you would buy), by the time the guy comes back, what you wanted is LONG gone.....
    Hence what happened today, the guy that was to buy my car showed up and made me an offer that was dang close to what I was asking, but the rebuilt R2 is already gone, just my luck!
    Oh well, I told him Id think about it while I try and locate another engine, or car, LOL......I found another 65 Daytona, thats pretty decent, but I really want the blower motor to go with it....guess I could just piece together a supercharger and put it on the 283...LOL

    by the way I just wanted to add, that I have been a long time Pontiac nut, and a freind told me before long Id be selling my Ponchos and replacing them with Studees, guess he was right!
    The new slogan should be ..."Studebakers, we are addictive!"

    hmmm, my girlfriend has 2 GT Hawks....and I feel left out, wheres my "R" model Daytona????