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  • Thoughts and Prayers - Bo Markham

    If you have been at any big Studebaker swap meet in the last 25+ years, you are well aware who Bo Markham is.

    I met Bo back in the early 1990s when I first got the Studebaker itch and joined the SDC. At some point in those first few years, I was looking at something Bo had for sale. I probably said something about why would there be a difference between an NOS part or a reproduction part when Bo put his arm around my shoulder, gave me a serious look, and said, "Ah, young Patrick - we have sooo much to teach you..."

    This post is to let all within reading distance know that Bo is going in for surgery on Monday to try and clear up a problem he has been having. He has been in and out of medical service over the last couple of weeks and they feel this is the next best step.

    So if you will keep Bo in your thoughts and prayers, I know he would greatly appreciate the act.

    Recovery will not end Tuesday, but knowing Bo, they will probably have to lock his buildings to keep him from digging through a pile of boxes to find some one-year-only interior item that he has the last NOS example that exists by Wednesday.

    If you really want to speed up his getting back on the positive side, in the next couple of weeks, make an order that will empty a sizable percentage of his inventory - that would probably have him hopping and skipping around (with caution)...

    Thanks folks.

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    I will certainly remember Bo in prayer. Not had a lot of dealings with him, but, he dropped off parts to me on his way somewhere.


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      Thanks for the heads-up, Patrick. 'Will be thinking of Bo and including him in prayers.

      'Didn't know he was having trouble; bummer. BP
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        An amazing Man. I have been welcomed to his place in the Florida wilderness. An amazing place to be. I wish him all the healing grace that God has to offer.

        I remember when Bo and Jim Kranik were both running for the position of So.E. Zone Director. Bo stopped by and picked Jim up and gave him a ride to the Zone Meet. How Cool is that?
        Neil Thornton


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          Bo drove all the way from Texas to Virginia to buy a truck from me years ago. Wishing him good health.
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            Prayers for a fast recovery

            1947 Champion (owned since 1967)
            1961 Hawk 4-speed
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            1961 Lark 2 door
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              Sorry to hear Bo is having some health problems. Certainly in our thoughts and prayers!


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                Bo is good people. May he have a speedy recovery.
                Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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                  Originally posted by gordr View Post
                  Bo is good people. May he have a speedy recovery.
                  Gord said what I was gonna say. Best wishes Bo.
                  Skip Lackie


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                    Hang in there Bo...

                    Bought a Hawk shell and rolling frame from Bo years ago (Matthew has it now).
                    Bo delivered a J5 box to me from Texas (when he was moving to FL) for a case of beer (That box relay del'y was a story in itself).
                    A good man who served his country and paid a lot for doing his duty.
                    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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                      Originally posted by DEEPNHOCK View Post
                      A good man who served his country and paid a lot for doing his duty.
                      Amen to that.


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                        Sorry to hear of Bo's problems. It was a pleasure to work with him on the SDC By-Laws Committee and I always respected his input and wisdom.

                        Stu Chapman


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                          Praying for a successful procedure, and a speedy recovery Bo. Will put you on the Church Prayer List, where my brother is the minister.


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                            If anyone knows his address I'd like to send him a card. PM me, if you would.


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                              Originally posted by tomnoller View Post
                              If anyone knows his address I'd like to send him a card. PM me, if you would.
                              Willard A. Markham, 6451 SE 180th Ave, Morriston Fla,32668
                              Neil Thornton