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Taking people for rides in our new '52 Commander

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  • Taking people for rides in our new '52 Commander

    I have now given several people a ride in our '52 Commander. My wife is impressed with the smooth, quite ride but says mohair interior smell "will take some getting used to". A buddy that has old cars himself loves everything about it. An older neighbor says he doesn't remember 50s cars riding so smooth and quite. The guys at the parts store freaked out. People at stoplights yell and ask "what is it?".

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    I love driving mine. My wife hasn't ridden in it yet because of the wool in the upholstery. I still have to install some new seat covers.
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      Had mine out for a nice 50 mile drive yesterday morning. Love sitting at a light chatting with the guy in the truck next to me about the car. I get a lot of "thanks for getting it out so we can see it"
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