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  • Museum auction coming up

    Freddy Freeman (Freddy lives in Jackson, Mississippi) called me this morning to tell me about a museum auction in Tupelo, Mississippi coming up at the end of April. Freddy is about 200 mile from Tupelo so he can't just drive there to see the cars, signs, etc. but he found them on the internet. He said there is an Avanti listed as a '64 but has round headlights. It's an R 2 and I think he said it was a four speed. There are also another or two Studes he saw. If anyone is interested google Tupelo, Mississippi Automobile Museum and you can find info there. Also Bonhams Tupelo Automobile Museum Auction. Freddy wanted me to let Stude people know about it in case someone might want to bid on any cars, signs, etc. that may be in the auction. It is a very LARGE museum so lots to see. Freddy did say he thought they were a little optimistic about the worth of some of the items.

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    Found the Tupelo Avanti - Click image for larger version

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    Couldn't find any other details, but, at 1st blush, looks pretty good to me.


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      several Studebaker in catalogue,but they want pretty good $$$ for some,I like 58 Packard H/T


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        No belts on the Paxton. Must be a story there. Was probably sitting in storage for 30 years
        64 GT Hawk (K7)
        1970 Avanti (R3)


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          Well, I just sent an email to the representatives of the auction house asking lots of questions about this Avanti. Hopefully they will respond and we will have many answers to our questions. Not holding my breath, but it would be nice if they responded . . .


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            Lot 520 is the Avanti

            Wayne Lee


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              Originally posted by Studius View Post
              the Avanti looks like a decent 2-3 cond car, the Packard a 4 & the 2 bullets are 4-5 cond at best. All great projects.
              Barry'd in Studes


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                OK - We have a response to my email on the Avanti as well as a good number of pictures. Rupert Banner is the auction contact, and he says very few of the cars in this auction have been run in the last decade, and they are unlikely to try to start the Avanti. As to the history of the car, all they have is an inspection sticker from Arkansas in 1990, and a license plate from a Ft. Lauderdale car business. One of the numbers on a plate in the car appears to be: RO 3518.

                I have attached a few of the pictures. While the paint is shiny, it has issues as are shown in the picture. Other pictures of the exterior show scratches and road wear. The interior may be original and has some open seams, but it looks halfway decent. And the supercharger has a sticker saying it is rebuilt but has no belt - which can't be a good sign.

                So, anyway, this one looks to need more work than I would want to take on, but it may be a decent project car. R2 with a 4 speed is a pretty good start. The auction estimate of its value appears to be way off. I think it is a no reserve car that could be fairly inexpensive.

                There are pictures of the hog troughs and lots more of the exterior that I can provide
                to anyone who is interested.

                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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