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six cylinder ohv ID

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  • six cylinder ohv ID

    Could some one please identify this motor.
    number on the block is "SC23659"
    Autolite generator and starter
    Orange valve cover and oil filter just in front and above the distributor
    I have had it quite awhile and always thought it was out of a late 50's Lark.
    I have a couple of pictures but no knowledge of how to post them.
    Thank you

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    It's a Hamilton-production 1961 model year six made late in the 1961 model year. BP
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      Thank you
      I have had it for 30+years
      No plans for it right now, but who knows
      It was rebuilt just before I bought it
      Has not run in years maybe this year it will


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        I need a little more help please
        I understand the need to indelicate the bell housing to the crank shaft when changing transmissions,but is it necessary to do it with this.
        Six cylinder ohv (1961 , SC23659 ) CU ? and a Warner Gear Div. (S/N 12084) Automatic aluminum case. I am not sure what it is . I took it out of a 1964 Daytona.
        The reason I ask is the mounting plate on the motor is doweled to the motor, the transmission is doweled to the mounting plate.
        If it is not concentric where is the adjustment ?
        At this time did Studebaker have a more standard placement of dowels to have them more interchangeable ?
        The bank of knowledge on this form is unbelievable thank you to all