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Probable 56J Scam

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  • Probable 56J Scam

    I was checking the web for any information on the Jet Streak engine and came across a site listing the car with this engine, that I sold in 2015. It has the same wording and photos that I had used in my Ebay ad at the time. It still has the same mileage as I indicated almost 4 years ago. As far as I know, John K., who bought it from me, still owns it.

    I didn't want to contact the seller, but thought I'd try contacting the company. When I clicked on Contact us, it took me to a page that showed:
    Main › Contact

    Ukrainde, Dnepropetrovsk, st.Krasnaya 4/2

    It looked too strange to me, so I backed off. If anyone feels brave enough to pursue this, I would love to know what you find.

    Frank Ambrogio

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    These clowns never give up.