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  • 1961 Lark Cruiser Survivor alert

    Greetings - In Sonoma County, on River Road, just past the Hacienda bridge near Forestville, there is a 61 Lark Cruiser survivor - this was somehow moved to save it from the floodwaters last week. The body is straight, Interior is remarkably intact with no cracks or tears - with exception of a seam split in the rear headliner - but everything else is there. No note, or reference on the car. I fear it will be tagged and towed, or worse, scavenged. This is a little time capsule. Has the V8, automatic, radio. No mold or rot visible anywhere. I can't save it, I already have a 1966 Cruiser rescue/survivor that I drive daily, plus a 1926 Craftsman home in downtown Santa Rosa - Won't someone help find a home for this car? Most cars that are 'abandoned' at this pullout area wind up being trashed or crushed. OR - if anyone knows the owner - Apparently an Airplane person, with decals of plane clubs, and ITALIA decal, and in the back window, a unique Lazy 'S'tudebaker lettering with the Lark Logo. Also - the license plate frame says " I'd rather be flying" If I can post photos, I will today. I'm Fred - I can be reached at 707-953-4192. The registration tags are pretty old. It just breaks my heart.

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    Thanks for reporting this survivor. '61 Cruisers are unique and well worth saving. Any pictures?
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      Yes! Someone should look into this Cruiser!

      With an optionally available 289 and the right transmission/gears and 4 barrel carb, they were sub-9 second (0-60) cars from the factory! REAL sleeper if there ever was one!! You'd be "flying" with R1 Avantis!
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      Roger Hill

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        Fred, do you mean Forrest Hills or Forestville? Also, does this car lie on the east or west side of the bridge? My assumption would be east, as you mentioned Forrestville. However that places it in Forrest Hills. All those little towns along River road are cute to drive though, but a headache to get straight.
        Lastly, is the car even for sale?
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          I know the car. It is in Forestville. It might be parked on Forest Hills rd above the bridge, in Forestville. I haven’t been over there since the floods a couple weeks back. I don’t think it is abandoned, because I have seen it driving in Guerneville in the recent past. But I agree, if it is left long where it is, it will be towed. Tow and storage charges in a few days will cost more than the car is worth.
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            61 Lark does a disappearing act

            The car had a minor piece of paper with an address - sunset rd, which was across the river road from where I saw it. The car hasn't been driven in a very long time - tags show last registered 1978. My video of the car overview is too large to share. It was what I consider a time machine - Hasn't been touched in a very long time, lots of spider webs and dust, but no upholstery rot or real damage seen. The day after I posted, it was gone as quickly as it showed up. I do have the 'save a studebaker' gene in me, just not the bank account. I do enjoy the 66 cruiser, as it is a rare sight in Sonoma county. The 61 really hit my "I can make this car fly again" buttons. If anyone wants to view the video, text me your number and I will send it to you. I'd rather fix than switch!


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              Post the video on YouTube so everyone can see it. Or, send it to me and I'll post it for you.

              Dick Steinkamp
              Bellingham, WA


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                Here's Mine:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0032.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0034.jpg
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ID:	1725832 It has the Original Metallic, Medium, Silver/Blue, All Vinyl, Pleated Upholstery
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                  Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
                  Here's Mine:

                  [ATTACH=CONFIG]79730[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]79731[/ATTACH] It has the Full Metallic, Medium, Silver/Blue, All Vinyl, Pleated Upholstery
                  That is a very nice car. It even appears to have the correct color wheels. I like 1961 Lark VIIIs. I have owned four, but not a Cruiser.
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                    I really did not try to hide my Washington Collector Car Plate like some people do, that is how the Reflectorized background Wash. Lic. Plates look when a Flash is used.

                    That is my Trusty, Rusty 1984 U-Haul tilt bed "Autotransport" Trailer.
                    It doubles as a Utility Trailer because of the Solid Steel Full Floor.
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