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Need good transmission shop in Minnesota

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  • Need good transmission shop in Minnesota

    The Lark needs some transmission work. I called around today and many are saying they don't have the knowledge to work on the older cars. Can anyone recommend a transmission shop in the Twin Cities or surrounding area. Thank you very much for your help

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    Joe There's a guy in Champlin,mn next to Anoka that is suppose to be really good. I'll get his number from a friend of mine and send it to you. He's not that old from what I hear but started working in his dads shop when he was just a kid and grew up on the old stuff. He did Brad's 57 Pontiac when no one would touch it. Sound like he's super fussy and good at what he does. Steve


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      What ever you do, stay away from AAMCO!
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        In 1990 I had Hofmann Transmission in Brooten, MN rebuilt the "Cruise-O-Matic" in m '65 Ford Galaxie. This was on recommendation of the former Ford dealer mechanic in my hometown. Dealership closed in '87. I believe that trans has similarity to ones used in Studebaker? Not a C4. Someplace I have a bag of bad parts they replaced. It had been severely overheated until ATF came out the dipstick tube and nearly caught the car on fire dripping on the exhaust! A local "bent pliers mechanic" had worked on it after that and it "worked" but leaked all over, thus I had it rebuilt when I acquired the car. I probably only put 4k on it after that and it worked fine. Car has been sitting since '06!

        I know they moved their shop to a new building sometime in the 90's but still in business as I drive past on Hwy 55 every time I go to the farm. I can't comment on current competence or experience as mine is nearly 30yrs out of date.


        Jeff in ND


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          A huge thanks to everyone for their input. Steve I look forward to your response. Best wishes and take care


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            I Pm'ed you his name and phone number. If you didn't get it let me know and will send it again.