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A Studebaker invades Road Atlanta/ discount on Lucas Oil

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  • A Studebaker invades Road Atlanta/ discount on Lucas Oil

    Yesterday, 4-28-18, I attended The Mitty at Road Atlanta. The website which I purchased my Lark thru, Bring a Trailer, had a gathering there for folks who had purchased a car thru them. If you showed up in a car you bought thru them, you got an admission ticket ($50 value) and some miscellaneous goodies ( license plate frame, stickers, etc). Being a CASO/cheapskate, I thought that was a pretty good deal, so off I went, being as it's been at least 20 years since I had been to The Mitty. As expected, I was the only Studebaker on the grounds. Over the course of the day, between showing the car at their tent, and going to various spectator spots around the track, I never went more than 15 minutes before someone asking about the Lark. About 1/2 and 1/2, older folks that remembered Studebakers and younger folks that were curious about "the cool looking car". I was happy to give the limited knowledge I have regarding Studebakers. The only exception was one very drunk 30ish fellow, who I was afraid was going to either puke on my car, or fall over and dent it. Luckily, one of his buddy's came and tempted him back to their campsite with more beer/whiskey( of which he needed neither). All and all, a very enjoyable day, for the price of a half tank of gas( 110 mile round trip).

    Lucas Oil had a booth set up, and was offering discounts on their products. I looked at their high zinc offering and ended up buying a total of 18 quarts, three 5 quart jugs and three one quart bottles of 10w40, at a total price of $93(about $5.18 per quart). Quite a savings over the nearly $8 a quart I paid for ZR-1 in 20w50 last week. I have used their products in the past and was happy with the performance, so I feel it was a good deal.
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    Sounds like a great day.Just shows the extreme importance of getting our Studebakers out of our garages,and hopefully piquing the interest and enthusiasm of a new generation of Studebaker caretakers and conservators...We don't want the Studebaker legacy to hit a dead end street when we're all gone..besides,the more who become involved with Studebakers today,the merrier!