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Gray Metallic 1966 Sommander

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  • Gray Metallic 1966 Sommander

    I was lucky to actually see this 66 at a local NE Texas Car Show. Check it out at Gateway Classic Cars/ 1966 Studebaker Commander. Had a FS sign on it. Was afraid to ask "How Much"
    I hardly ever see Studebakers at car shows. This one drew a crowd around it all day.

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    Why reference a car online and not take the few extra seconds to include the link?
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      Looks like a Studebaker but it has some strange magical thing sticking out of a hole in the hood...

      Thanks Ken - the 7E5 Champ pickup I am trying to get back on the road was originally shipped to Henderson:


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        It's an early car built first week of September '65. 6 cylinder VIN number (w/ non original pop rivets) & they eliminated the body tag. Interesting treatment on the parking lights.
        Mike Sal
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          Strange that in 1967 I got a ticket for having my graduation tassel hanging from my mirror, but you can hang some big ugly thing like that out of the hood and really block your vision, and not get a ticket.


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            Note that it is marked sold at $24,995.
            Gary L.
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              I muist Agree. That ugly object sticking up thru a hole cut in the hood turned me off too.

              In reply to r1lark's critic of my post. I'm 77 and not the brightest bulb in the lamp when dealing with computers. Seems ,like folks found photos from the info provided and posted them for me. Not the first time good hearted Stude lovers have come to my rescue. Case in point Photos of Mount Greenwood Motors 1/4 mile oval track race car. The 60 Lark #6 drivin by Bill Van Allen. I actually watched Bill pull off many feature wins in this Lark at Blue Island, Illinois, Raceway park


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                Got to love this 66 in spite of the blower. Got more attention than any of the Novas at the show. The asking price lately for this same car has gone up to $45.000


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	28058787_387486848382441_1930181008970106162_n.jpg
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Size:	62.5 KB
ID:	1719564Ha, suck a dinky little blower seems not to be any problem. Try this one on for size.
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                    Even though I am an "original" car type of guy, that is one modified car that I would purchase. It was very tastefully done and the color is gorgeous.


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                      I am of the opinion the last Studebakers were some of the best looking Studebakers built. Beside the Lowey Coupe of coarse. 10-4 on the Grey Metallic Paint'

                      If I was younger I would be out looking for a 66 commander 2dr for my son to build. He is helping me restore my second owner 1952 Willys Overland 4x4 Pickup Truck. I bought it used in 68. Been shedded since I've owned it. Going back stock as a Texas farm truck with a new set of 1953 TX Farm Truck Tags