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    In piecing together the wrecked GT, I just received a repro part from CE. It is the shroud between the rear bumper and body, made of fiberglass, and beautifully crafted. As nice as it is, too bad they cannot repro the entire body in fiberglass. I was skeptical, but glad I gave them a try.

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    I used their newer, curved fin moldings to install the fins on our ‘57 Hawk and they worked great! Seems like it would be very hard to install them with out those moldings...
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      I have used all of their floor pans for our 66 Daytona. They use all US steel, and signed every piece with a black sharpie. The pans, body supports, including the trunk pan fit awesome, and had all the original stampings. I was so happy I called them when we were done and told them how well it went. Great US company.