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    Thanks so much for posting Bob. Mr. Erskine had a more opulent home than any of the Studebakers, must have been quite a palace in its day. I've toured the some of the homes of the auto executives/founders and it's interesting to see the contrasts between them.


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      I viewed those great Tribune photos from the past & noted Mr Erskine sitting in the garden of his magnificent mansion. Some of those interior images were very luxurious. I have a nice A R Erskine signature on an original contract between Studebaker & Mrs Bonnie Rockne re monies to be paid to her for Rockne badged cars. This was in May 1931.



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        Have about 20 sharp 8 X 10" exterior photos taken of the mansion and grounds right after its completion in the early 20s. Also have the original "sign in" journal from the mansion with notable autographs of most of the overnight visitors. A few samples below that are not in the article above. Note the names on the 2nd image.

        In 1983 I had a personal tour of the home which was still unaltered. Included in the tour was the 2nd floor bathroom where A.R took his life. The Antique Studebaker Club toured over 40 cars to the home during the Intl meet that same year.

        Click image for larger version

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          Thanks for the additional photos. The photo of the NCCA gathering is interesting from the standpoint of who is represented and who is not there. Most all of the "independents" are in attendance but no one from Ford, Chrysler, and only the Oakland & Oldsmobile divisions of GM is represented. The time period is also interesting - 1928 A year away from the start of the "Great Depression" in 1929. Wonder if Studebaker's purchase of Pierce Arrow had occurred when this photo was taken.
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            Very interesting photos. Notice Nash and Hudson Presidents sitting side by side next to Studebaker and Packard Presidents sitting side by side. Too bad all four couldn't have stayed together and formed an American Motors that might have saved all four concerns.


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              rkapteyn: Bob Thanks for posting. i plan on doing a drive-by to view the location. Very interesting.
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