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  • Cleaned out the barn

    Apologies to the group if listing some For Sale's here is in bad taste, but I understand an occasional one is ok. Spouse and I decided to simplify life, clear out everything, reset, then look for the next project(s). Cars are gone, but have 50 or so NOS early Hawk and 60/62 Lark parts. Most have been posted on Studebakerswap other than an R2 cam/bearings/valves/springs setup. A couple of Unicorns like a 62 Lark front fender in OEM box.

    Reason I am posting also on the Forum is I will be traveling between Wisconsin and Indianapolis next week and may be able to drop/meet up to avoid shipping issues for folks along the path. PM me if you'd like the .xls. Hope these parts can perpetuate the bloodline.

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    Pm sent thanks John