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Yellow Pine Wood Flooring from Hamilton Ontario Canada Plant

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  • Yellow Pine Wood Flooring from Hamilton Ontario Canada Plant

    I just found this old email from Larry Swanson in 2012, and wondered if ANYTHING ever became of this attempt to save pieces of the Hamilton Plant?

    Note of interest. Please pass on to anyone who might use it.

    Sent: 11/10/2012 12:50:45 P.M. US Mountain Standard Tim
    Subj: Fw: Hamilton Studebaker Plant

    Copied you on this letter, Do you see an interest from your perspective, There is some history here that may have interest to a select few. ... FYI: as this is all Canadian, folks in the US do not pay our lovely HST tax and there is no duty, just the logistics which is quite easy to manage. All inquiries welcome, Rob

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    Sent: Friday, November 2, 2012 12:36:04 PM
    Subject: Hamilton Studebaker Plant

    We have acquired a very large quantity of the wood from the Plant in Hamilton. ... Our company has been manufacturing and finishing wood products for years. We have been working with mostly reclaimed wood. ... We are looking more toward branding "We Write History" as part of what we create so that not only is there History but a pride in owning a piece of One's Passion!

    What we propose is to offer to Studebaker aficionado's the first opportunity to have whatever it is they would like built, Mantle, Table, Wine and Cheese plate. ... This is extended as limited editions to members, numbered and cataloged ... First and foremost we are reaching out to the Museum to see if the Museum would like to acquire anything, too many to mention (light fixtures). Secondly the Gift Shop.

    We have pieces of metal as well from the structure that can be incorporated into bases or whatever, also we are able to incorporate parts of old vehicles and we would also like to be able to laser or stamp any of the many logos on the pieces if desired.

    Any help or advice you can offer us in this exciting venture is appreciated.

    The wood is Old Growth Long Tail Yellow Pine and is 200 yr old and is hard as nails.

    We are in Southern Ontario, my name is Rob, respond to this e- or call 519-301-3049
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner

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    The answer is YES. Approximately 50,000 board feet of this wood was recycled and has reappeared in many highly creative pieces of furniture.

    In our case, we had a beautiful kitchen island unit built with the table top made from the Studebaker wood. An article with pictures was published in an issue of Turning Wheels. I've forgotten the issue date but I'm sure someone will remember.

    Our Studebaker furniture carries a metal ID plate that always manages to create discussion. The last time I spoke with the manufacturer he told me he was just about sold out of the wood.

    Stu Chapman


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      Our place was built in 1902 as a Livery stable. Downstairs (where my garage is) was dirt floor at first, then brick, now concrete. Upstairs is old yellow pine or Douglass fir. I believe we still have the original flooring, with a lot of repairs. The flooring in our game room (approx 850 sf) has never been sanded stained (well, stained in spots) and varnished. Still in its natural state for the most part. The living dining area has been sanded stained and varnished. It makes a great floor and shows all kinds of character.

      Just saying, I am really glad someone has saved some of that old flooring. We (a new non profit here in Guthrie, not just me and Sherri) are getting ready to start restoration on the building next door. It is 50,000 sf, and was built in the same year as our home. 3 of the four floors have old pine or doug fir flooring and it is amazing. Most is still in good shape and you have to looke at it a long time to find a knot anywhere.


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        Glad to hear that Lynn, I am always happy to hear that some good 'Ol American History is being saved.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner