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1950 Studebaker Champion - Automatic Questions

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  • 1950 Studebaker Champion - Automatic Questions

    I've had a touch of trouble finding a few parts and answers to some questions on my Champion.

    It's a 1950 Champion Regal Deluxe 4 door sedan

    Here's the PO:

    I am currently trying to track down the reason for the constant horn. It was shorting out and a little folded cardboard helped breifly, but alas, no more. lol

    While I was taking the steering wheel off, I wanted to give it a good once over since I hadn't done that since picking it up. On the gear indicator, it looks like there is a light that should light up behind the position. I didn't see anything in the shop manual though. Does anyone else have a 50 auto that has been through this?

    Here is the box, closed and then opened:

    I know I need a new foam ring (spacer) in my button because this one is visibly collapsed and rotted:

    I also need a new rubber foot for my brake pedal. I ordered one from Studebaker Parts, but he sent one with a single post about half that width. He mentioned there was only one size and that it would fit, but the one I need is way longer:

    Is there a good source for all of the parts houses available? I'm sure I just haven't found it yet if so.
    1950 Studebaker Champion 4 Door Sedan

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    Regarding the selector light, if a '50 is the same as my '53 with automatic, the light for the selector only operates when you have your headlights/parking lights on.
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      The Borg Warner DG150 was a first year option in the 1950 Champion. It used a wide brake pedal pad that bolted to the same two levers as used with the brake and clutch pedal in the standard. The pad would be part# 527755 (or perhaps 532248, 1953-54). The horn ring rubber pad part# 520411. The bulb # for the transmission indicator would normally be in the Owner's Manual, rather than the Parts Catalog but, being it's first year, it's not there. Some one will speak up soon to help you there.

      EDIT: Paul may have just addressed your issue with the indicator light.
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        Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum.

        A #51 6 Volt Instrument Light Bulb or whatever the Auto Parts Stores have crossed it over to currently, is inside of that Housing with the Green Lens.
        It is connected to the Instrument light Switch, so your Instrument Light Switch would have to be turned to "ON" and Bright, and Parking or Headlights "ON" to see the Trans. Indicator Light work.

        The usual grounding of the horn Wire causing all the unwanted Honking is the end of that cloth covered wire that comes out of the center of the bottom of the Steering Gear. Turning back and forth has caused it to touch the Frame or Steering Gear and ground the Horn Relay.

        Any knowledgeable Studebaker Parts person would have asked if your Car is earlier than 1955 before when the square Pedals were used.

        It sounds like this replacement is a square cornered, rectangular rubber dipped Steel Pedal, with a Stud to attach it.

        What you got is an Automatic Transmission Brake Pedal for a '55 to '60 Sedan/Lark or a '55 to '64 Coupe/Hardtop/Hawk Model, Return it.

        The '53-'54 Automatics have one 532248 that looks just like your Original Pad for a Bk. Pedal but it too is wrong, it's a bit narrower.

        The Pedal Pad "Cover" you need 527755 is No Longer available at the Larger Studebaker Vendors, and only a few smaller Dealers have some NOS (Old Stock) that fit '49 to '52 Automatics.

        Here is where they are:

        If you had the Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog you could give them the correct Studebaker Part Number and save all the confusion on any and all Studebaker Parts you will be buying.
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          And THIS is why I love this place. Thanks for all the great info guys. I'll dig into it in the am. My IL aren't working right now. (Haven't since I got it) being that it's all of the dash lights, I thought it was the switch, but it turns on the map light over the steering column. Soooooooooooo... I guess now, I start changing bulbs to see if that's the issue. It's just hard for this fat guy to get back there with my sausage fingers. Lol
          1950 Studebaker Champion 4 Door Sedan


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            When I bought my 1950 Champion 2 1/2 years ago I thought my instrument lights weren't working also. I layed upside down and checked them all by holding the socket to the metal on the gauges, and they all worked. It's just that the glowing material wasn't glowing in the dark like it should. After driving the car for a few weeks and parking it in the bright sunlight the gauges started to light up much better. They still aren't as good as my 1950 Commander when that was my only car in the early 70's and late 60's, but at least now I can see them at night.


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              A '50 Champ with automatic drive is somewhat rare.


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                Originally posted by Mike Sal View Post
                A '50 Champ with automatic drive is somewhat rare.
                Somewhat Rare? Lol! It is fairly rare in a '50 Land Cruiser or Commander, but extremely Rare in a Champion.
                Unfortunately, there is a reason for that.
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                  Speeding tickets in a Champion with automatic transmission are even more rare.
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                    I almost added a comment on the probable head snapping performance of a Champ / auto combination, but held back.

                    I have a '50 Champ sedan myself. I always wanted a Land Cruiser with automatic drive but just never found the right deal (Sonya hates driving a stick & would rather have an automatic).
                    Mike Sal


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                      Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
                      Speeding tickets in a Champion with automatic transmission are even more rare.
                      Hahahaha!!!!!! No joke!!
                      1950 Studebaker Champion 4 Door Sedan