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  • Just curious about '22

    Not trying to get the cart before the horse, but with the '21 meet being in Indy, is the plan still to have the '22 in South Bend?
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    That is an interesting question. Usually, the board decides when the current International Meet is held where the next meet will be, and year. In 2018 it was decided that the 2019 would be held in Ohio and Chattanooga would be he 2020 site. I was not able to attend Ohio and of course Chattanooga was canceled. Guessing that Indianapolis was decided in 2019, for 2021, my guess is that 2022 was not decided or brought up in 2019. The board may have meet virtually but no word about future meets.

    Anyone from the board care to comment on any tentative plans for 2022? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Bob Miles


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      The dates for 2022 International is in South Bend,In
      May 4-7 2022. The 2021 South Bend swap meet is CANCELED !
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        Thank you for the information.

        Bob Miles


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          Planning for South bend 2022 is already well under way by Meet Chairs Bob Henning and Chris Patton. The above dates are correct
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