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A few facts about the dates and location of the 2018 International Meet in Tacoma, WA.

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  • A few facts about the dates and location of the 2018 International Meet in Tacoma, WA.

    A few facts about the dates and location of the 2018 Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet in Tacoma, WA.

    The Seattle Tacoma area is one of the most popular areas to visit in the USA, with nearly 40 million visitors each year.
    July - August's weather is the hottest for Tacoma, Washington, yet few days get really hot. The pleasant temperatures are accompanied these months by some of the sunniest and driest conditions the city sees all year.
    Most years Seattle average temperatures are in the mid 70’s (20’s Celsius), with possible lows in the high 50’s. Average rainfall for the entire month of August is only 0.82 in and July-August are the peak High Season for Tourism.
    Because of its popularity, Seattle also has some of the highest increasing real estate costs and hotel rates in the country. Companies with high salary potential such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing, etc. wanting headquarters in the area also create more competition.

    Although SDC members like great weather during car shows, unfortunately having low hotel rates often are only available during less desirable slow seasons, rather than peak season. This has created some nice locations in some very hot, humid, or risky time of year.
    For Seattle Tacoma area, the Off Season to get good rates can be Wet and unacceptable for driving, or showing vehicles outside.
    Late Spring and early Fall can be nice in this area, but possible hit, or miss weather.
    Although many Schools with children now have year round programs, we would like to encourage younger people to experience and gain interest in Studebaker’s and everything we enjoy for our club future.
    We also wanted to have the main Show take place on Saturday when families are more likely to be able to see the show and students are not in school.
    The location of the show at LeMay Americas Car Museum (ACM), is the largest automotive museum in North America and attracts people from around the world.
    LeMay Americas Car Museum - ACM is very active with a large variety of School Programs, Youth & Family Programs, Educator Programs and other ways to encourage and educate children, youth and adults, to preserve, restore and promote America’s treasures.

    Since most SDC members would not be happy paying $200/night, or spending time outside in wet weather, we were very fortunate to get 3 hotels that were willing to give SDC rates comparable to previous International Meets at $129/night and include free parking, free breakfast, free WiFi, Pet Friendly, etc. and during August 29-Sept 1 (Peak High Season) for all 3 hotels.
    The main SDC Show will be on a Saturday and will get lots of extra non-member exposure (possible new members) by the ACM Museum.
    The 3 hotels are within 5 minutes drive from the Tacoma Dome, where the Swap Meet will be and Americas Car Museum, where some events, judging and Saturday Show will be.
    It’s going to be a popular destination, a great time of year and an exciting event!
    The hotels are going to be full soon if you have any interest in attending and want SDC’s hotel rate!

    So many great things to see and do in the area:

    LeMay Americas Car Museum (ACM) – ACM features a nine-acre campus with four-story museum, theater, café and store.
    The campus features an outdoor show field that SDC will use for judging and the Saturday Show.
    The ACM $18 daily admission rate will be only be $14 for four days if you are an SDC member.
    The AOAI will host an Avanti Seminar for SDC, AOAI and ASC members.

    In addition to LeMay ACM (Americas Car Museum), you don’t want to miss seeing the LeMay Family Foundation Collection. There is an SDC scheduled driving Tour to this museum, or you can visit on your own.
    The LeMay Family Collection at Marymount is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest privately-held automobile collection in the world!

    Downtown Tacoma has a great Museum District and many places to find good food.
    The Museum of Glass, State History Museum, Art Museum, Children’s Museum and Theater District are all nearby.
    There is a Free Light Rail within a few blocks of the ACM and Swap Meet that goes through downtown and stops a block away from the Holiday Inn if staying there.

    The International Meet will have Bus Tours, as well as places to explore on four wheels.
    If you’re not driving to the Meet, you might consider a scenic ride by Amtrak that arrives nearby with routes North to Canada, East and South.

    Arrive Early, Stay Late and enjoy the region, or a 2 nation vacation.

    The entire Pacific Can Am Zone has a lot to offer! Within a couple hours drive, you can visit Mountains, Dessert, Farmlands, Ocean Islands, or Canada.
    The weekend before the show is the Lemay Family Collection 41st annual show with over 1,500 vintage vehicles and additional collections of dolls, antiques and memorabilia as well as car corral and a vintage car auction.

    The weekend after the International Meet, the SDC Whatcom County Chapter will have its annual Studebaker Show along with the Vintage Trailer show near Bellingham, WA.
    They will have info later on their website

    Tacoma Videos and things to do:

    Seattle Video and things to do:

    Both SDC Seattle and Tacoma Chapters have combined efforts to host the 2018 Studebaker International Meet.
    If you have any questions about the meet, contact Co-Chairs Bob Bryant , or Laurel Berry

    We hope to see you in Tacoma for the 2018 StudebakerInternational Meet!

    James Bell
    SDC Pacific Can Am Zone Director
    Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
    Bellingham, WA.