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More spots available for the building 84 tour!

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  • More spots available for the building 84 tour!

    Thanks to the generosity of Building 84 owner Kevin Smith we have been able to increase the amount of people that will be able to come into Building 84. Please register with Cornerstone Registration for this event either before hand, or when you register for the Convention.

    When you are at the Registration Desk, don't forget to pick a time that you would like to go up in the elevator. The elevator is limited to 25 people each trip. The elevator will be going up to the 6th floor every 10 minutes. You may stay as long as you like. An addition that will be added is that you will be able to go out on the roof. There will be many things, pictures and more. I don't want to ruin the surprises, but we know you will like it. Mostly stop for a moment and take it all in. This most likely will be the last time that this area will be open in its current state, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity.

    A couple of legal real life things. You will need to sign a release. This area is NOT handicap accessible. This building is a working environment. There are no souvenirs to take. Please if you are going to take something, take pictures.

    We would like to have Cornerstone take care of the money, so please, register with Cornerstone either on the phone, when you pick up your name badge, or at the Registration Desk.

    The proceeds from these tours will go toward the long term maintenance of the Gatehouse that will be put back together.

    If you have questions, please ask. We still have some details as accommodating more people requires more parking, etc.

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    I went on the Building 84 tour back in 2012 and if you get a chance be sure to take the tour it's well worth it, there's lots of Studebaker history in one of the few remaining factory buildings. In 2012, as our group was waiting to take the tour, it was announced that the main elevator in Building 84 had stopped working and everyone would have to take the stairs to the roof to start the tour, which was bad news for a number of the older visitors, as they likely couldn't go. As it happened there were a couple of former Studebaker employees in our group who knew about the operational problems with the elevator from 50 plus years ago, they quickly worked their magic on the old elevator and off we went. It will be interesting to see how much things have changed since 2012, as I recall the fourth floor was off limits as that was where Studebaker painted the bodies and there were still some contaminates on that floor of the building that needed to be cleaned up.
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      Awesome! Thank you.