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Tuesday night wine and cheese.

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  • Tuesday night wine and cheese.

    My wife and I love the "tailgating" at International meets and Zone meets, a year ago we were attending the Crossroads Zone meet in Dundee Mi and experienced a new tailgating experience, wine & cheese. Here is what we are proposing..........

    Tuesday night at 8:00pm we will be setting in the meet headquarters parking lot near our 1956 Golden Hawk(two tone green) with a cooler of cheese,salami and crackers. We would invite anyone to join us for a GREAT "tailgate". Bring your own beverage of choice and a chair, let's enjoy a couple hours under the stars. What we wont supply is the great Studebaker stories....

    If you are interested let us know so we can have enough cheese,salami and crackers needed. Just post here.

    Joe & Nancy Bacon
    It is an addiction!

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    We will try to join you after the SDC membership meeting... sounds good (plus Lynda loves sipping wine with new found friends!)


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      It's going to be raining.


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        What Duane said in Post #2, Joe. 'Looking forward to it.

        (If it is raining, we'll just all rotate through the interior of your Golden Hawk to stay dry, OK? ) BP
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          Missouri has some of the best winerys out there. I like the dessert ice wine from Augusta winery.
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            If we HAVE TO.... I bet we can find a dry place under an awning somewhere.


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              Looks like we are getting rain! The wine and cheese night has been moved to Wednesday at 8pm. We will see you then.
              It is an addiction!


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                We will be at the SDC Auction... I will probably be helping again.
                If you are still out there... will try to join you, but might go straight to bed. I guess we will be looking for Indiana plates on a 56 GH... right?


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                  We are at the end of the building near the car wash area
                  It is an addiction!