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Armacost Museum Tour

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  • Armacost Museum Tour

    Some one doesn't their thinking cap on, only offering this on tuesday eliminates any chance of myself and others of taking this tour. With AOAI board, membership AOAI Chapter newsletter, AOAI President meeting and luncheon all on this day I can't be in two places at once! Lou Cote President Club Avanti Northwest

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    Driving from one side of Missouri to the other side, and then back - will be an all day event. And Don probably wants to spend lots of time at the Meet. I think he is being generous, since the museum isn't open just any old time.
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      My question was based on the information as found in Jan. 2015 Turning Wheels. I guess when you serve the membership you MUST make sacrifices. Lou Cote President Club Avanti Northwest, outgoing President {four years +} North Puget Sound SDC.


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        We thought long and hard when putting the schedule together and compromises have to be made. With so many things going on and to do during the week, there are bound to be conflicts with some people and events, be that when you arrive at the meet, or other seminars, tours or functions. I know that whoever goes on this tour will not be disappointed.
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          The point is that most newsletter editors, board members and chapter presidents will not be able to go on the tour to the car museum. We were looking forward to that!


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            It sounds like an AOAI problem to me.
            That is not to say SDC folks won't miss out on something as well.
            It's part of what you face when attending an SDC International Meet.

            Pick your priorities and go for them.
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              AOAI and SDC could take a lesson from some chapters. They need to work together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Originally posted by Albee Basile View Post
                The point is that most newsletter editors, board members and chapter presidents will not be able to go on the tour to the car museum. We were looking forward to that!
                Newsletter editors and chapter presidents can always get a proxy to go in their place whom is not going on the tour. The meet organizers have a tough road to follow in that they have to try and satisfy everyone. If they moved this tour to another day and put something in its place there would still be folks with conflicts. They also feel some pressure from the vendors to reduce the number of tours as attendance in the vending area declined last year and some attribute that to too many tours.

                There are actually some local chapter members whom would like to go on that tour but will not be able to as they have to work the meet!

                I do not believe issues like this are due to AOAI and SDC not working together, I believe it is more due to too much to do in the week. (and some want to reduce our meets to 3 day weekend events!) I act ually think we owe thanks to SDC, AOAI and ASC board members for working together and allowing all three organizations to have one meet at the same place and time. I am a member of all 3 and generally only attend one meet a year, this allows me to have me cake and eat it too.

                AOAI and SDC have worked together to both allow drive through judging which should help keep our judges cooler and be more efficient and consistent.

                All of us involved with the meet are sorry for such inconveniences.

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                  Missing this trip doesn't affect me, since I was able to tour the museum at a previous Zone Meet. What amazes me is the extremely low price of this tour. When you consider you are traveling all the way across the state & back PLUS the tour for only that amount of cash outlay... WHAT A DEAL!


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                    I live in the Kansas City area and would LOVE to attend the Armacost Museum. Can we attend this tour with the SDC, even if we do not travel from St. Louis on the bus? What would be the fee? Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow me to be out that much of the day, but I could cut out of work for a few hours in the middle of the day......
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