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12-12-2016, 05:23 PM
I have tried to search the archives (unsuccessfully) to find out what is the difference in weight of a 1951 Land Cruiser 232 engine with auto transmission and a 1962 289 engine, dressed like a 1951 232 with the 1951 transmission attached. Anyone know? Thanks.

12-12-2016, 05:46 PM
None. They are both the same.

12-12-2016, 06:05 PM
There's really no doubt that the old "DG" automatic trans and its lock-up torque converter would weigh more than a later Flightomatic and converter....but you're saying that you're using the "DG", so transmission weight is a moot point.

12-12-2016, 07:11 PM
The transmission (DG 200) would certainly weigh more than a Flight O Matic by 100# or so. The 232 and the 289 would weight the same

12-12-2016, 08:52 PM
Thanks a lot. Appreciate the info.

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Thanks. That's what I was expecting, but wanted verification.

12-12-2016, 08:54 PM
Thanks Bob.

Chicken Hawk
12-12-2016, 10:06 PM
The 232 crank is probably a few pounds lighter than the 289 and heads might be also but not much.


t walgamuth
12-12-2016, 10:37 PM
Ask a racer about weight.;)