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06-23-2018, 01:03 PM
To the many SDC members who have weighed in on this subject I have researched and proven the casting number of #5646 has no relevance in determining which body code it fits which complicates finding the correct one. Please reference my 02/18 post on this subject (red) followed by my conclusive findings below.

Blowing the dust off a Oct 2017 thread posted in General Discussion since body code fitment of the '41 casting #5646 trunk emblem remains a mystery :confused:. Richard Quinn and I have discussed this issue at length and he's offered to check the engineering drawings next time he visits the Museum but in the interim I'm in the market for one for my coupe and have already purchased the wrong one and do not wish to repeat the same mistake.

Question: Is the casting number relevant in determining which body code it fits?

Here is what is known.
1) The '41 series manual identifies fitment of #276552 as 3G W/F-body, #276553 as 3G Q-body and #276554 for 11A-7C W/B-body.
2) I purchased an emblem with the #5646 casting number and it did not fit my 3G Q-body
3) Richard has a casting number #5646 that does fit his 3G Q-body

Given these facts it appears the casting number has no relevance in determining fitment but from a manufacturing standpoint this makes no sense since contour is notably different between body codes so the casting numbers should be different since different molds had to be used to cast them. In hopes of solving the mystery I removed the mounting hardware from my #5646 and stood it on ends. At the highest point of the contour it measures 1" to the bottom surface of the emblem so it is either for a 3G F-body or model 11A or 7C.

If anyone has a loose emblem "known to physically fit" a 3G Q-body please measure the contour in similar fashion and publish the result. I would estimate a much slower contour height of ~1/2" but we will see. Thanks

After much conversation between SDC members and not hearing back from RQ I decided to solve the mystery myself by ordering the engineering drawing. As I suspected the vendor used the same die casting (ref: #5646) for all 3 configurations. The "As Cast" configuration was the 3G W-F since they had the greatest amount of contour. The vendor would then hand hot-form the 11A/7C W-B and 3G-Q to Master Templates since they had a lesser degree of contour. Studebaker then assigns each configuration a different part number and go on they're merry way making it impossible to identify which configuration you have in your hand without physically measuring the height of the radius chord (highest point of contour off datum). I now have these dimensions but someone must be skilled enough to properly measure one hence the difficulty in finding the correct emblem for one's application. If anyone feels they can benefit by knowing these dimensions I will be happy to share them.

Guess this makes me a self proclaimed expert on '41 trunk emblems :lol:

06-25-2018, 08:40 PM
Interesting stuff. I guess they ordered raw castings, shaped them and then had them plated.

I would say go ahead and post the dimensions. Should be helpful.

Good work, thanks.

06-25-2018, 09:23 PM
Post a picture because I have a number of trunk emblems from unknown Studebaker cars that I stripped out over the years.
I can check the radius.

06-26-2018, 11:42 AM
Thanks Steve & Bob, Andy charged $75 for the full scale print but it was worth it since the issue was driving me (and I'm sure others) nut's. I will post pic with dimensions & instructions on how to measure. Be cognizant of the fact that the Vendor baseline (As Cast) configuration was part number 276552 for the 3G W&F bodies. Only the other two configurations were hot formed by the Vendor (by hand) to Master Templates. In the Engineering & Manufacturing disciplines Master Tooling is considered "Law" therefore it's configuration supersedes any variance found between it and the engineering drawing.