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Thread: Mid 20's Studebaker Parts Available?

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    Mid 20's Studebaker Parts Available?

    I'm thinking of buying a mid 1920's Studebaker. In general, are parts available for cars of this specific era? Thanks

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    Obviously not as readily available as post war Studebakers. But there are still folks who specialize in those older models. And just about anything needed can eventually be procured with access to the right vendors and market.
    The Studebaker Drivers Club, owner/operator of this Web Site and Forum embraces the entire Studebaker history, products, facts and mythology. And networking here is an excellent launching point.
    Open the SDC web site and explore the links there, especially under the "Resources" menu, then "Tech Tips" and "Other Valuable Links."

    There is also THE ANTIQUE STUDEBAKER CLUB, specializing in Studebaker vehicles produced prior to WWII. This will get you closer to those who tend to concentrate on things you may need.

    The SDC publishes a monthly magazine that you will find invaluable; and the ASC magazine comes out every other month.
    I would join both (actually I have) but, if your needs will probably be best served by the ASC.

    The Antique Automobile Club of America also operates a Studebaker, Erskine $ Rockne page on their forum.
    I'm sure you will also find that of value.

    So, ...short answer, ...GO FOR IT!

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    Ditto what he said and-

    Look into ebay, the Studebaker parts swap page, various Studebaker vendors as the the availability of parts for the year and model you are looking at. Find out what it needs BEFORE you buy it. Go over to the Antique Studebaker site and look around. Talk to the neighbors in the neighborhood so to speak. Stay away from one year only type cars if you not familiar with it... Ask advise from others about the car you want and they can maybe help in deciding .

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Try Joliet studebaker for 20’s parts!
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