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Thread: )il Mix Gas In my 4 stroke equipment..

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    )il Mix Gas In my 4 stroke equipment..

    This is bound to be the subject of controversy. I've looked online to search for authoritative answers, but only found patently wrong answers from armchair engineers, so far. I have various yard equipment---saws and trimmers that are two stroke. I have others--mowers and a trimmer, that are 4 stroke. For several years, when I fill my gas can at the station, I bring it home and mix in universal Opti-2 smokeless 2 cycle oil in the recommended amount. Then, that is what I use for the season, in 2- and 4- stroke engines. Seems to work just fine. Also, when I change oil in the 4-stroke mowers, I add a bit of that anti-wear oil supplement made for the flat-tappet car engines. Marketed by various aftermarket cam makers. The online "experts" have loudly proclaimed that I'll foul out the spark plugs in my mowers, doing this stuff. But--not so far. I figure the extra top-end lubrication will help out the mower engines, as they are air-cooled, splash lubed, and really get hard use in our hot weather. Anything I'm doing wrong?

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    I have done the same for years, and never had an issue. I have a 30+ year old Snapper push mower with the original 5HP Briggs that still starts on the first pull every spring.

    On top of that, I put a few ounces of two stroke oil in all of my pre-unleaded fuel car engines with every fill-up. An old timer who has forgotten more than 10 guys will know about race engines told me that years ago, and I have done it religiously since. I have beat the tar out of some old worn out engines over the years, and so far so good.

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    I do it exactly like you do. I mix 5 gallons of 2 stroke gasoline, ( husquvarna oil) and use it it in all of my small engines. I had never heard of adding it to pre unleaded engines, but it makes sense to add a little lubricity to the newer fuel. It sounds like it works well for all of us.

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