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Thread: Jack Holden, Studebaker of Canada

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    Jack Holden, Studebaker of Canada

    It is with much sadness that I just learned today of the sudden passing of Jack Holden last month. Jack was a long time employee of Studebaker of Canada and at the end was assistant to the production manager,

    Jack was an honorary member of both Ontario and Hamilton Chapters of SDC and was honored by the Ontario Chapter by being recognized on its commemorative plaque in the Studebaker National Museum.

    I was pleased to have been able to include a picture of Jack, his wife and young son in the book I wrote a decade ago.

    Rest in peace Jack.

    Stu Chapman

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    Our condolences go out to you and Thelma for your loss of yet another Studebaker friend and coworker.
    Bill & Sonja

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