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Thread: Wheel base for a 1941 Studebaker champion? Also VIN help

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    Wheel base for a 1941 Studebaker champion? Also VIN help

    I'm restoring what I think is a 1941 Studebaker champion. It was a complete pile of rust out in the woods but I'm gonna give it a try. On the driver side door post found the number B812837. Is this just the production number and the B for champion or is there other information in that number. Thanks

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    How certain are you about that letter 'B'? A 1941 Champion serial number would Have a 'G' prefix. The numbers do fit within 1941 Los Angeles production. Beginning serial number G811201. Look for the body number tag mounted on the engine firewall, right side. It should start with '3G'

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    The wheelbase is 109 1/2" on the '41 Champon. Dwain is correct re the letter prefix. It should be a G not B. Coupe or sedan?
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