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  • Electrical: Stray wires

    I'm trying to sort out some stray wires, the previous owner left me. they are under the hood. There are 3 of them, one is orange and goes to the temperature sensor. The other 2 I can't figure out. All 3 are wrapped together in a little tape harness and go to the main harness. The wiring diagram for 63/64 hawk shows a overdrive kickdown switch in this vicinity. I'm wondering if they were meant for that as my hawk is automatic. Everything appears to be working.

    1964 Gran turismo Hawk
    1954 Packard Pacific

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    Ceci's 62 Hawk has several spare wires. It even has a spare junction block on the steering column that I cannot find in any books and is not on the 61 or the 64. Everything works fine so they will just stay as they are. Be sure no hot wire is exposed to cause a short at a very inconvenient time.


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      A red wire and a black wire? I'd say they are for the kickdown switch in a OD equipped car. That red wire is 'hot' when ever the key is on if it's still connected at the other end.


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        I'm thinking you are encountering "unused" wires, rather than "stray" wires. My thinking is that many automobiles are equipped with wires in place for options and equipment not installed. It is certainly true in current models, and probably began many years ago to save time, money, and make it much easier for dealers to install options/accessories not included on the factory assembly line.

        On wiring harnesses I have built myself, I have installed additional wires for fog lights, turn signals, heaters, electric wipers,etc., just in case I wanted to add those things later.
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          There is usually just one One Red Wire for the Ignition ON Power to the Overdrive Kickdown Switch, I can't imagine what a Black one would be for unless it was Owner added.

          The Wires to the Overdrive Transmission if equipped, would have been in the Overdrive Harness, not installed on Automatics.
          Is there an Accessory Under Hood Light in the Hood, or evidence of it having been there?
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            Guess i'm lucky, i made my own harness and have extra wires for later acc. if everything works,don't sweat it just make sure nothing can short. i put white shrink tubing on extra wires with name of acc. and shrink one end only. Luck Doofus