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Side Grill molding enter change

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  • Body: Side Grill molding enter change

    The GT,s produced in Canada had Crome moldings around the side grills. I like the looks of the Crome and would like to have Crome on my car. Does the prior year Hawks molding enter change with the 1962 moldings .Wondering if it would be cheaper to find moldings rather than having mine plated. Looking to have a good looking driver Not a Automobile Club Senior car purist need not apply.

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    The mouldings (side grills) will interchange from '56-' problem!

    Funny thing is, Hawk restorers have always sought out the 'one year only' '62 Hawk L & R side grills, as they are ideal candidates for a rechroming job for other year Hawks.....Being painted at the factory, they are usually found to be unpitted


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      I would check with the guy in North Branch on rechroming yours. I've seen his work and although not the cheapest there is does nice work. Almost anything you find used of nos will need rechromed anyway.


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        Thanks for info car is in Fl but I could bring parts home next spring.Do you have name and no my rear bumper could use redoing.


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          It's Jr Custom Plating 39374 Grand Ave North Branch Mn 55056 651-464 0761 Steve


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            I believe 62 GTs used leftover side grills from prior years. Every 62 I have seen had one side or the other (or both) dipped in some sort of thick, copper like material that made it impossible to re-chrome. I once had a chroming guy return one of those, and said something like, "dunno what that stuff is, but its impossible to chrome it". So, if looking for side grills to re-plate, be sure to scratch the paint off. If it looks like copper, check with your plater first.
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              I have liked the "chrome" on the Canadian cars better

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