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Voltage regulator

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  • Electrical: Voltage regulator

    My '64 Champ pickup was fitted with an alternator at the point of assembly in Oct. 1963. The regulator has connection spades markes
    F, 1, 2, 3. Where does the "2" connect?

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    I see no reason why a Standard 35 Amp ALK5001 Prestolite would not have the "Car" Regulator that only has Ign./Alt./ Terms with a Ground wire under Mounting screw.

    Did the "Special Ordered" Alternator System use a Avanti 3 Contact Regulator or other Heavy Duty type?
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      If you still have the alternator Rich mentioned, your regulator should be a Prestolite VBT 6201 A (not VTB as written in the shop manual).

      Add-on: After seeing Jim's post, I think he is right. The reference I gave is the good one for cars equipped with an amneter but it might not be the same when there is a charging light.

      Here's the link to an Avanti wiring diagram that shows four wires:
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        We have a 64 Champ that has the large regulator like the Avanti. Don't know where #2 connects. Maybe charging light, just guessing.


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          Like a bunch of us, I have several of these, some NOS/NORS and used if needed for spares.


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	2 BUILD ORDER .jpg
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ID:	1708785Click image for larger version

Name:	NEW VOLT REG.jpg
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ID:	1708786Here's the build order, alternator covered under DEV. 5605. Voltage regulator Delco-Remy. Tabs from left to right F, 1, 2, 3


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              It says on the built sheet that a Delcotron alternator was installed at the factory. Deviation letter 5605 maybe available from the Studebaker Museum archives

              Robert Kapteyn


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                But, I still need to know where #2 connects from the regulator. I'm no expert, so looking for guidance. Wouldn't that be a kind of universal connection, that is, #2 would always go to the same place (6cyl OHC 170 CID).
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                  If you have a Delco alternator along with the four wire regulator; the #2 terminal goes to the R terminal on the alternator. It is used to make the circuit in the regulator work for the generator indicator light.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Delco 4 Wire Regulator for a Alternator.jpg
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                    Thanks, I'll follow up on that.