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stuck thermostat engine 170

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  • Cool/Heat: stuck thermostat engine 170

    im using thermostat in my lark 63 engine and its stuck.i put it in hot water and is not open good can i fix it or it have to be reaplace whis ader one?
    is thermostat realy ned in thos engine in sumer or not?
    thank you

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    The thermostat is defective and should be replaced with a new one for reliability. Do not run the engine without a thermostat installed as too low of a coolant temperature is almost as bad as running hot. The thermostat also is a coolant flow restricter which keeps the coolant from flowing too fast in the system. If the coolant is moving too fast, it won't pick up heat as well from the block and transfer it to the radiator for cooling. My preference for a thermostat is 180 degrees year around. Bud


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      They are not expensive, and not worth fixing -- even if they could be fixed.
      Skip Lackie


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        engine 170 thermostat

        Originally posted by Skip Lackie View Post
        They are not expensive, and not worth fixing -- even if they could be fixed.
        I cleaned the cooling system strange noise pump water temperature was in the middle I finished I saw that was missing a little water faulty thermostat has to worry about? Currently ther is no thermostat is faulty, I shall move the vehicle and go for a spin, where are you know if there Sirkolitzh of water?
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          The thermostat is a commonly available item, fits thousands of different cars, should be available to you in Israel Be sure to refill with 50-50 mix of water and antifreeze. The thermostat is not repairable, Do not run for any length of time without one, may cause worse overheating, can be done in emergency if needed till you get a new one.