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  • Electrical: gas gage on full

    Ceci's 62 is running again after over 40 yrs of storage. All was well at first but the gas gage, after appearing to function normally, went to full and stays there even with the switch off. Has original sender which I cleaned with contact cleaner and checked resistances with an Ohm meter. Any ideas?

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    My Hawk did the same thing recently and I had to replace the gage. Apparently it was always hot and I hadn't noticed it before. I found a white grounded wire hooked on the gage which didn't belong to it. You should have only two wires there. The red one goes at the top and the black one at the bottom. You should check the resistance of the black one (which goes to the sender). If there is none, you have a ground somewhere. If the resistance is good, the gage is the culprit. My gage past the full mark and stayed there. If yours does the same thing, it is likely you have to find a replacement. Best of luck.


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      I was afraid of that! Thanks.


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        The gauge must have electrical contact with the gauge holder and then to ground. If this ground circuit is not complete the gauge will read full scale.
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