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1950 Champion Radio: question on antenna

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  • Electrical: 1950 Champion Radio: question on antenna

    My 1950 Champion has an old radio that is missing knobs and has broken tuning buttons. But I lucked out. The other day a fellow told me he had a radio in his garage, turned out to be a perfect match, and it WORKS !!! It is a big radio, the speaker is contained with it in one big unit. I tested it but when I tried to plug a modern radio antenna into the hole I see on the side of the radio, it won't fit. So either 1950 used a different plug, or the antenna might plug into a special plug that in turn goes to the radio. Any ideas? How is an antenna hooked to this old radio. My old antenna is long gone.

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    Stand by. RadioRoy should be by shortly to fill you in. If he doesn't, PM him.
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      Get a Standard Auto parts Store Replacement Antenna for older Cars, some 2000's+ Factory Antennas may have "Oddball" Plugs.
      You need to ground the Radio and Antenna Base to the Test Battery or Car.
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        The radio for your Champion uses a standard Motorola type plug for the antenna. Like Rich says, a standard replacement auto radio antenna should work. Bud


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          A standard radio for a 1950 Champion uses a standard plug, but apparently this replacement radio you have doesn't have that? Could you take a picture of it?
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