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  • Fuel System: Flathead dual carbs....

    Please excuse me, I am sure this info is hiding in past discussions but couldn't seem to find them (mostly because I kept getting distracted with other interesting discussions). After a 7+ year delay dealing with my PTSD from Viet Nam, I am attempting to return to the building of my '54 HT. I come from the world of street rods so I can't seem to leave stock alone, especially if the parts where not there to start with. But I love the body style. The drive train is done and powered coated (built flat head 6, T-5 speed, Ford 8" rear) and I delivered it to the body shop last week.
    As suggested by Bill Cathcart, I used a set of Holley (1604?) one barrels on the Offenhauser intake manifold. Unfortunately they proved to be junk and were not rebuildable). Does anyone out there have suggestions (or point me in a direction of some one who has the expertise) for a suitable set of carbs to use with this set up and where I can get the carbs? They don't have to be stock, they just have to work well. The engine has a small (3/4 race?) cam, 8.3 finned aluminum head, tuned header, electronic distributor, is all balanced and is approx 193 cubic inches now. The local carburetor shop was of absolutely no help.
    Appreciate any help I can find. Dave in Spokane
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    I like your set up, it looks great. I've used those same Holley's on similar set ups for decades with no troubles, never found any not rebuildable. They'd still be my first choice. Perhaps tracking down a good pair?

    This is one of mine.


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      Hi, Dave,

      Your project is taking about as long as mine. IIRC, I saw the engine and chassis at Larry Percy's shop about fifteen years ago. It looked beautiful, so it is to be hoped you can finish it soon.

      Good cores for 60+year-old carbs are getting difficult to find, but have you put out a WTB with the local SDC chapter? They're always a helpful bunch.

      jack vines


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        Try calling Dave Thibeault, I'm betting that he would be a big help. 978-897-3158


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          Get in touch with Edelbrock, they remake Holley 93's like what flathead Fords used. Also, Daytona Carbs, makes a new universal 1bbl carb.
          Bez Auto Alchemy

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            Man-o-man..... Like Brad noted,,,
            I'd sure be tempted to try a pair of Daytona Carb's new universal 1bbl.
            They sure look nice, and are E-10 rated.
            (Even have Stude's as a selection...)


            Click image for larger version

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            HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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              Since it's a Champion, how about a couple of Carter WEs?
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                The city of Vancouver had a 50s Dodge fire truck with factory dual carbs. I have no idea what they were but they were very reliable.


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                  I have a carb guy near me whose business is carbs for ARCA cars and other racing cars but all he does is build, re-jet and tune carburetors. I have to think he'd be able to answer your questions. He gets a kick out of me bringing in my 1 barrel carb for my Lark or my '53 2R17 and knows either of those carbs on sight as well as the different changes that went on with that carb, that year. He's fascinating. He's very reasonably priced, believe it or not and has done other carbs for local Stude folks that I know of:

                  I like the color scheme on your ride. Let's get this thing back on the road and moving!


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                    Hey thanks for every one's help. I spent the day searching and it ended up within a mile of my house with brand new (Argentina produced) ethanol resistant reproduction 1904's. So I continued researching these new units and found mostly favorable results. The cost was the only down side. But they should be pretty easy to adapt to the car.
                    Yes Jack that is where you would have seen it, good memory. I ran across Larry several weeks back for the first time since then and it took me a minute to recognize him. Again thanks, I will post a picture as soon as I get them. Dave in Spokane


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                      I also think the Daytona Parts universal carburetor should work well. Daytona parts still rebuilds carburetors. They no longer restore carburetors with all correct plating etc. I too have used Holley singles with no problem. I would correct the issue with them. From a nostalgia point, the glass bowl single barrels are more period correct. They look cool as well. Those Holley singles were made in many different sizes. I would think that you would want a pair of smaller ones. I had a 54 coupe with a later stock 185. It had a Weiand intake with two 54 Studebaker carter singles on it. It ran great.

                      james r pepper