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Photo Help - '49 2R10 Overdrive

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Photo Help - '49 2R10 Overdrive

    I am nearing the point of reconnecting my 2R10's overdrive (waiting for the 12-Volt Solenoid backordered from 5th Ave Internet Garage). My challenge - I have the shop manual and parts book, but have never seen with my own eyes how some of the parts should be attached. The previous owner stripped everything out. To the point that the lockout switch is replaced by a rubber brake line plug and the speedo cable port is plugged by a cork. As long as I am doing the work, I'd like it to be as stock as possible.

    If anyone with a 3-spd O/D 2R would have the time, I would love to see a photo (or a few photos) of how the kickdown switch, throttle switch, and lockout switch are supposed to look when mounted, as all three are completely absent from my truck right now.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Does this help?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN0789.jpg
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    My truck is a '49 2R-5.
    Eric DeRosa

    \'63 R2 Lark
    \'60 Lark Convertible


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      Here are some typical pictures of a Studebaker OD systemClick image for larger version

Name:	DSC04550.jpg
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Name:	DSC04551.JPG
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Name:	DSC04552.JPG
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Name:	DSC04553.JPG
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Name:	DSC04554.JPG
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        I really appreciate it, both of you. The O/D itself looks like what I was expecting.

        Eric -- any chance you could take a close up of the kick down and how it's mounted? I think the previous owner used some of the mounting bolts to put the starter solenoid there, so I have some work to do...

        Thanks again,


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          Altair's first picture shows how the kickdown switch is mounted on the throttle linkage. That whole assembly is mounted on the firewall above where the rod from the gas pedal comes through. You''ll have to pick a spot so the linkage doesn't bind on anything.

          BTW, 2R trucks did not come with a starter solenoid. There was a full-current starter switch on the floorboard that was activated by pushing the clutch pedal firmly to the floor.
          Skip Lackie


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            Thanks, Skip. As I suspected, comparing the photos from Altair and from 2R2, I think the mounting space from the kickdown is now occupied in my truck... The previous owner converted the system to 12V and I think that's when the starter solenoid was added. At least, I am pretty sure that's what I am looking at, but this is my first restore, so I always double-check with some of the wiser heads around me before making any changes... If I get a chance, I will snap a photo and post it. No smartphone, so that process takes a little longer.

            It is part of the challenge, though, as I need to figure out what the truck was originally, what he made it into, and what I can do with it now. All part of the fun, too, though... right?


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              Right. I shoulda noticed that you mentioned buying a 12v solenoid.
              Skip Lackie