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  • Steering: power steering fluid

    64 Stude power steering which is suppose have trans fluid put in has anyone after flushing out old fluid put in power steering fluid. I guess I don't know the difference.

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    Use Type F A/T fluid. Unknowns in P/S fluid's chemistry may lead to seal failure and roller wear in the old Eaton P/S pump. Although they might work for you, rebuilding things to "give it a try" isn't worth the effort. Has worked that way for 50 years, right viscosity, right antifoam, right heat tolerance, right lubricity. Any hydraulic fluid will work-the problem is for how long and how well.


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      I dunno why rumors persist to the contrary, but I have been using nothing but STP brand PS fluid in all Studes since around 1997, including Bendix and Saginaw systems. They operate smoother and quieter. Never any harm whatsoever. Used to get the STP brand in quart bottles, but mostly the 1 pint size is all that's available nowadays.

      This is not new info, I began using it after a Stude guy out in Fresno, CA told me about it.

      It does not have to be flushed clean to change it over. Just emptying the reservoir is good enough. But the more STP you can get into the system the more you are gonna like it.

      WARNING: Stay away from ANY fluid in the power steering system with stop leak in it.
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