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  • Electrical: 1956 Parking Light Harness...

    I need two new harnesses the parking light assemblies on the '56 Power Hawk. I seems that there are suppliers for general harnesses but little in the way of specific small harnesses such as the two wire one in the Hawk.

    Any recommendations?

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    Since I don't own a '56, I can only speculate. When you say, two wire, are these lights housing both the park light and turn signal functions? If so, I am imagining a light socket with double element bulbs. That means that the wires connect to the two respective filaments, and both use a common chassis ground. My suggestion would be to check the wiring diagram in your shop manual for the wire gauge (size) and color. Buy enough of the appropriate wire, connectors, and fabricate your own replacements.

    Although I don't have a '56, on most cars, those wires connect at a terminal block, under the hood, near each front fender where the radiator support is bolted. I would not refer to those wires as a "harness" in the traditional use of the term.
    John Clary
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      Check with Donald at Lark Works.
      Mike Davis
      Regional Manager, North Carolina
      1964 Champ 8E7-122 "Stuey"


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        Or Carl Thoms at Studebakers West.
        Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
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          Ordered a set (2) from Lark Works. Immediate response.

          Thanks for the referrals...


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            Originally posted by GrumpyOne View Post
            Ordered a set (2) from Lark Works. Immediate response.

            Thanks for the referrals...
            I just got the main harnesses for my '53 from them. Donald is a great guy and the harnesses are works of art. He originally put a list together for every single wire for my car if I need them, including accessories, he's very thorough and knowledgeable.